Frame-by-frame transfer

of 8mm, Super8 and 16mm

films. All film is cleaned &

lubricated prior to transfer.

We transfer VHS to digital format, (transfer VHS to DVD or file on a hard drive) as well as other video tape formats, 16mm and 8mm film to digital, and scan slides and photos!

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Welcome to DigiSavIt.

Video & Film Transfer in Tampa, VHS to digital

Digitize LP albums, audio reels and cassettes to mp3

files or CD's.


"Six stars out of five!  After my first phone conversation with Donna, I knew I had finally found the right business!  For over a year, I had toyed with the idea of digitizing 50 years of home movies (reel to reel, camcorder, VHS) but feared losing or damaging the originals. Donna patiently and cheerfully answered all my questions – in plain English – so I could understand the process.  She asked questions to determine my plans for the films and suggested converting them to a format I could later edit.  JoAnn’s advice on editing was excellent and is working very well for me, as I’m no professional!  Prices were reasonable and competitive; the quality of the digital files was better than I could ever have imagined. I put my full trust in DigiSavit and I was not disappointed!!" Pat P.

Cloud Services... and Why You Care

In the very simplest of explanations, "in the cloud" means your photos, videos, data and applications reside on one or more companies's computers, and you may or may not have to pay a subscription service to access your data or applications via the web.  Cloud companies are generally referred to as “providers.”

“Cloud Services” are offered by companies that run their applications (such as Microsoft Office, Intuit QuickBooks, Neat Receipt Scanning) from the web; this means you do not install these apps on your laptop or desktop but you instead access them by signing on through the internet with a userID and password.  Cloud Services also include data storage, where you can store your photos, video and data files with these companies with the promise of security, backup and retrieval of your precious files.

Why would you use cloud services? There are several advantages, like the fact that you do not have to install this software on your computer nor do you have to buy upgrades because the provider should be keeping their applications at the latest versions. It also makes it very easy to share photos, video and data with coworkers, friends & family. Should your computer’s hard drive crash, your data is safe because it resides on your provider’s computers (also called “servers”).

There are also disadvantages to cloud services.  Because the application and your data is stored in the cloud provider’s environment, the provider may have legal right and access to your data.  There are new reports nearly every week of servers being “hacked” by intruders which basically means your data is stolen by people who intend to do harm.  Cloud services may be free or low cost today, but these providers exist to make a buck, so one day those subscription fees will rise or you will be annoyed by advertisements that cannot be bypassed.  You are also at the mercy of the provider’s upgrades & updates so expect the look and feel of your application to change often.

The bottom line:  if you use cloud services to store your video and data files, you should continue to maintain your own copy on a hard drive or DVD. Cloud service providers can go out of business and if they do, your memories could be sold to the highest bidder, or even worse, lost forever when they shut off their servers.



It's our passion.

Donna Buckingham and JoAnn Griner are the owners and producers at DigiSavIt, LLC. 

It’s our passion to create new ways to preserve and interact with old memories, making it fun and easy to recall special moments with family, friends & pets.  Our corporate clients rely on DigiSavIt’s professional experience to render high quality, interactive productions. 

Our attention to detail distinguishes DigiSavIt’s services from any other.

Look through our website to review the personal and business services we offer and call us for a free consultation.

Why Choose DigiSavIt over mail-in or chain store services?


Did You Know...

Fact: Video tape will begin to significantly degrade and lose picture quality in as little as twelve years.

Fact: Once video tape has been digitized, the quality of the video will never change.

Fact: Hard drives, DVD and Blu-ray discs stored in a safe deposit or fire box offer the ultimate production of your memories.

Fact: VHS players are no longer being produced and the people who used to repair them are beginning to retire!  This means it will be harder to find and maintain VHS decks.

Fact: While cloud services offer easy of sharing and backup services, providers can go out of business.  Keeping your own backup, on DVD or hard drive, provides ultimate protection of your memories.

Fact: There are film transfer companies that will project your film against a wall and capture it with a video camera.  This will causing flickering, color and brightness loss.  Call before you take your film anywhere, speak to the person who will perform the transfer and ask lots of questions about their transfer process!

DigiSavIt is located within the Westchase community of Tampa Florida, which is close to the Veteran's Expressway and easily accessible from Town 'N Country, Brandon, New Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Largo, Temple Terrace, South Tampa, Carrollwood, Northdale, Lutz, Odessa, Oldsmar, Clearwater and St. Petersburg, as well as other cities within Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco and Hernando counties.


Digitize your video tapes

to DVD or Hard Drives

with multiple packaging



Photos & Slides

 Did ya Save It, or will you lose it? 


Digitize photos, slides and

negatives using professional

grade Epson and Kodak


DigiSavIt ... or will you lose it?

DigiSavIt LLC. provides personalized support for families and individuals wishing to save their precious memories for generations to come. Whether it is preserving photographs, slides, video tapes, or reel to reel film we will provide you with reliable transfer & digital conversion services.  DigiSavIt will also provide your business with reliable digital media solutions.

VHS and camcorder tapes use magnetic particles to hold your video & audio to the tape and over time (no matter how protected you keep the tapes) these magnetic particles degrade which lowers the quality of play. Once the tapes are digitized however, the quality will never fade.  Let DigiSavIt professionally save your memories to high quality video (mp4) files on a thumb/flash drive, or to DVD.

DigiSavIt (Did-ya-Save-It) or will you lose it??

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Here are a few examples of DigiSavIt Services. The possibilities are almost endless.

Digitize Video Tapes to DVD, Blu-Ray or Hard Drive

Scan Photographs, Slides and Negatives

Digitize 8mm, Super8 &16mm Film to DVD or Hard Drive

Create Slideshows / Photoshows for Your Event

Digitize Audio Cassette, Reels and LP to mp3 files

Duplicate DVD's, Blu-Ray Discs and CD's