With our custom event package, your DVD or BluRay discs are packaged in premium grade cases with custom artwork.

From $99

Deluxe Video Package


Our deluxe package leverages the same high quality video transfer as our basic package and it includes a variety of packaging themes and features for your DVD or BluRay disc. 

Our unique Video Indexing System creates an interactive menu using “thumbnails” of your video as chapters.

Just click your remote on one of the thumbnail chapters and you will go right to that scene.

With our deluxe package, your DVD or Blu-ray discs are packaged in premium grade cases with custom artwork.

From $49

Video Formats

Using professional transfer equipment and the latest software, we digitize your video at the highest possible quality. We will visually review each of your tapes and eliminate blank spaces and enhance the audio and video with sophisticated noise reduction and color enhancement tools.

For the basic package we will create "chapter points" every 5 minutes throughout your video. Just press the next or previous button on your remote and you can jump forward or back in 5 minute segments. This package is your best buy for single subject videos and home inventory videos that you can store in your safe deposit box.

With our basic package, your DVD or Blu-ray discs are packaged in premium grade cases with fundamental artwork.

From $17.50


 Mini DV
 Digital 8
 8mm & Super8 Film
 Super VHS
 8mm Video
 Mini DVD
 16mm Film

Our custom event package is our most popular products for Weddings, Special Events and Anniversaries. 

We incorporate all the great features of the deluxe package plus integrate footage shot from multiple cameras, photos, slides and/or film. We'll add advanced Event Navigation which will direct you to the most important scenes of your event: Ceremony, Vows, Reception, Cocktails, First Dance, Cake Cutting, etc. No more wasting time fast forwarding and rewinding: just click the thumbnail and you are there. We can even showcase individual interviews, speeches and dance scenes.

Video & Film Transfer in Tampa

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 Did ya Save It, or will you lose it? 

Our basic package converts your video to high quality, long lasting DVD's or Blu-ray discs. We can also put your footage on an external hard drive if you wish to stream it to your Smart TV or edit and produce the video yourself.

Basic Video Package

Custom Event Package


Our studio professionally digitizes video and film from the following formats:

We use professional grade DVDs and Blu-ray disc with Hardcoat Scratch Resistant technology. This media is certified under for ISO 9001:2000 by the International Organization for Standardization for meeting the standards of quality and performance.. All artwork and titles are inkjet-printed directly on the surface of the discs which eliminates the damage that "stick on" labels can cause to your computer, DVD or Blu-ray players.

Additional copies of your DVD are only $7.50!

We also fix broken tapes, so bring those when you come in with your collection.

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