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Video Formats

Using professional transfer equipment and the latest software, we digitize your video at the highest possible quality. We will visually review each of your tapes and eliminate blank spaces and enhance the audio and video with sophisticated noise reduction and color enhancement tools.

For DVDs we will create "chapter points" every 5 minutes throughout your video. Just press the next or previous button on your remote and you can jump forward or back in 5 minute segments. This package is your best buy for single subject videos and home inventory videos that you can store in your safe deposit box.

With our basic DVD/Blu-Ray package, your discs are packaged in premium grade cases with fundamental artwork. With our basic hard drive package, you will receive .mp4 files on a hard drive or thumb drive.

From $24.00 for DVD.  From $15 for digital files, plus the cost of the drive (which depends on how much video you want to digitize).   Want the best of both worlds?  Get your video on DVD's and add the digital files for just $5 more per tape, plus the cost of the hard drive


Sometimes you want take special moments from multiple tapes and combine them into a custom video.  If you are ready, willing and able to edit the video yourself, then get our basic package with your videos on a hard drive. However, if you don't want a digital DIY project, then let us do it for you!

With our Custom Package, we digitize your tapes, add a timecode to the video, and then give the video to you to watch.  Using our timecodes, you jot down the start & end times of the segments you want to include in the new video. When you've completed your "homework" you just email us the list of start/end times and we get back to work to create your new video compilation. 

With our custom package you can opt to get your final video on DVD, Blu-Ray or as .mp4 files on a hard drive.  You pay $15 per tape for the timecode videos plus $5 for each start/stop segment.

 Did ya Save It, or will you lose it? 

Our basic package converts your video to high quality, long lasting DVD's or Blu-ray discs. We can also put your footage on an external hard drive if you wish to stream it to your Smart TV or edit and produce the video yourself.

Our studio professionally digitizes video and film from the following formats:

We use professional grade DVDs and Blu-ray disc with Hardcoat Scratch Resistant technology. This media is certified under for ISO 9001:2000 by the International Organization for Standardization for meeting the standards of quality and performance.. All artwork and titles are inkjet-printed directly on the surface of the discs which eliminates the damage that "stick on" labels can cause to your computer, DVD or Blu-ray players.

Additional copies of your DVD are only $7.50!

We also fix broken tapes, so bring those when you come in with your collection.

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