DigiSavIt offers a variety of customized services for businesses, educational institutions, government agencies, museums, and law enforcement agencies. We utilize the latest hardware and software to convert, transfer and produce professional digital products designed to your specifications.

We will digitally re-master your videotapes, photographs, digital photos, film and important documents to high quality, long lasting DVD or Blu-ray. This will ensure the longevity of your records and provide you and your employees easy access and retrieval.

Here are some areas where DigiSavIt can help your business:        



Deliver Interactive Content

Quality, flexibility and the availability of low cost players make DVD's an ideal medium.  DVD's allow public as well as private organizations to easily share its content with employees and customers.

DVD is a highly portable, cross platform medium, ideal for presenting broadcast quality content in a viewer-controlled manner.  Our menu systems allow for interactive content from basic intro menus, subtitles and instant chapter access to more complex indexes, narrated slide shows, and on-screen quizzes. Combining design and authoring expertise, DigiSavIt specializes in presentations that entertain while remaining easy to navigate.

Why Choose DigiSavIt

With all the different video formats available today, you need a solutions provider who fully understands video and who can make it work for you. We are obsessed with the digital medium. We blend technology and creativity to produce results that are relevant, visually striking and results-driven. No matter what the format of your original source, DigiSavIt will deliver top quality video encoding specifically tailored to suit the exact needs of your project.

Our experienced multimedia team will create professional DVDs, complete with custom frames, control buttons, web links, etc. giving your final product that polished look. Video can be integrated into larger projects, enhancing the presentation while offering new opportunities in terms of content.

If your business needs to demonstrate proof of concepts, present content in a non-linear format, or enhance sales presentations with high quality audio and visuals, DigiSavIt will help you enhance your corporate communications by leveraging your existing digital and video assets for use with DVD.

"DigiSavIt has been a wonderful business partner. They took our ideas, analyzed our needs and using their expertise, gave us both short and long term options. They were able to create a successful solution and plan, well beyond our expectations!"  Firm Solutions, LLC

If you want your film digitized to a hard drive, we will create a high quality .mp4 file for each of your reels of film.  If going to DVD, multiple reels will be combined onto a single DVD (up to 1200 feet of film) and a full-motion thumbnail index menu will be created to make it a snap to find scenes within your movie.  If you have more than 1200 feet of film, we'll create multiple DVD's with volume names so that you can easily determine which DVD you want to watch.  Multiple case DVD movie boxes will hold your DVD sets and each movie box will be fully customized for you.

DigiSavIt services includes 8mm, Super8 (aka Double8) and 16mm film.  A $30 setup fee covers cleaning & lubricating for up to 50 reels. Film transfer prices are from $0.20 per foot for silent film and $0.30 per foot for sound film.

 Mini DV
 8mm & Super8 Film
 Digital 8
 16mm Film
 Super VHS
 8mm Video
 Mini DVD

We will convert your vinyl albums, audio cassettes, 8-tracks and reel-to-reel audio to CD or tracks to a hard drive.

Music tracks are created so you can easily move from song to song. For reel-to-reel tapes we will create tracks for each reel or in 5 minute increments so you can easily pick up where you left off.

As with our video services, no copyrighted material will be transferred or duplicated.

Your new CD's are packaged in premium grade jewel or clam shell cases with custom artwork and titles.

From $30

Basic Video Package

It's time to get your most precious pictures out of the shoe boxes, closets and drawers. Organize and preserve them for a lifetime plus share them with your friends and family.

Audio Package

Photo and Slide Package

Using professional transfer equipment and the latest software, we digitize your video at the highest possible quality. We will visually review each of your tapes and eliminate blank spaces and enhance the audio and video with sophisticated noise reduction and color enhancement tools.

For DVDs we will create "chapter points" every 5 minutes throughout your video. Just press the next or previous button on your remote and you can jump forward or back in 5 minute segments. This package is your best buy for single subject videos and home inventory videos that you can store in your safe deposit box.

With our basic DVD/Blu-Ray package, your discs are packaged in premium grade cases with fundamental artwork. With our basic hard drive package, you will receive .mp4 files on a hard drive or thumb drive.

Custom Video Package


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Video & Film Transfer in Tampa

These digital photo albums are great gifts for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Retirement, Milestone Birthdays, Anniversaries, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Graduations, and Rehearsal Dinners. What about that annual Halloween party? Each year we'll add photos from the previous year and you can play the DVD on a loop at the party. Got a friend who has a favorite pet? Bring us the photos and we'll create a show that will melt their heart and make you their hero.

Memorial service and remembrance photo shows are a special way to honor your loved one. Most funeral homes and many churches now have the ability to play photoshows before or after the service.

From $99.

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You have the option of having your film produced as .mp4 files on a hard drive or on DVD, in PAL or NTSC. This is the highest quality film transfer, and DigiSavIt is the only one in the Tampa Bay area who has this technology!

Your film is as precious to us as it is to you: we will handle it with the utmost of care. It will be cleaned and lubricated prior to the transfer process in order to prevent breakage and to remove decades of accumulated dirt and debris. Old splices are replaced at no additional cost to you. Each frame is captured individually and then reassembled by our software to give you the best playback possible.

 Did ya Save It, or will you lose it? 

We create themed digital photo albums using your selected photos and slides. These photo albums are slide show presentations of your most memorable pictures. Each picture will remain on screen for 3-5 seconds and you can pause at any time on a particular photo. We'll even add the background music of your choice.

Want to make the digital album even more special? Record your grandparents, parents or yourself narrating the photos and we'll overlay your recording to correspond with your photo show.

Our basic package converts your video to high quality, long lasting DVD's or Blu-ray discs. We can also put your footage on an external hard drive if you wish to stream it to your Smart TV or edit and produce the video yourself.

High Definition Film Transfer is now available at DigiSavIt! We digitize super8, regular 8mm and 16mm film as well as sound super 8mm and 16mm film frame-by-frame in full 1080p. We'll transfer the footage in HD or SD with interlaced or progressive frames.

Reel to Reel Film Package

DigiSavIt will professionally convert your videotapes, photographs and films to high quality, long lasting DVD, Blu-ray disc or to files on a hard drive. Digisavit video & film transfer bright house sports network dvds in Tampa

 Bar & Bat Mitzvahs
 Sporting Events
 Memorials / Remembrance

We specialize in many custom packages that provide instant access to special scenes, with editing, voice-overs, music, photos and more! Your project is special to you and important to us. We listen to what you want and work with you to create a unique product. We provide free estimates that detail what you have and how much it will cost to transfer. Our primary goal is to exceed your expectations.

Our studio professionally digitizes video and film from the following formats:

We fix broken tapes, so bring those when you come in with your collection.

From $24.00 for DVD.  From $15 for digital files, plus the cost of the drive (which depends on how much video you want to digitize).   Want the best of both worlds?  Get your video on DVD's and add the digital files for just $5 more per tape, plus the cost of the hard drive.

Business Solutions


Sometimes you want take special moments from multiple tapes and combine them into a custom video.  If you are ready, willing and able to edit the video yourself, then get our basic package with your videos on a hard drive. However, if you don't want a digital DIY project, then let us do it for you!

With our Custom Package, we digitize your tapes, add a timecode to the video, and then give the video to you to watch.  Using our timecodes, you jot down the start & end times of the segments you want to include in the new video. When you've completed your "homework" you just email us the list of start/end times and we get back to work to create your new video compilation. 

With our custom package you can opt to get your final video on DVD, Blu-Ray or as .mp4 files on a hard drive.  You pay $15 per tape for the timecode videos plus $5 for each start/stop segment.