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Photo and Slide Package digisavit video & film transfer in tampa

It's time to get your most precious pictures out of the shoe boxes, closets and drawers. Organize and preserve them for a lifetime plus share them with your friends and family.

These digital photo albums are great gifts for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Retirement, Milestone Birthdays, Anniversaries, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Graduations, and Rehearsal Dinners. What about that annual Halloween party? Each year we'll add photos from the previous year and you can play the DVD on a loop at the party. Got a friend who has a favorite pet? Bring us the photos and we'll create a show that will melt their heart and make you their hero.

Memorial service and remembrance photo shows are a special way to honor your loved one. Most funeral homes and many churches now have the ability to play DVD's before or after the service.

From $59.

Additional copies of your DVD are only $7.50!

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 Did ya Save It, or will you lose it? 

Digisavit Video & Film Transfer


Do you have memory cards filled with digital photos and video? We can combine these onto a DVD to eliminate the worry of losing one, and then you can reuse the cards!

Digital Photo Albums can also be themed and put to music of your choice.

• Convert any of your digital photos to "easy to view" DVD
• Watch your photos on your TV as well as the computer
• Convert CD-ROM, Flash Card, Memory Stick. 
• Recover "lost" video and photos from CF Cards and Flash Drives

From $39

Additional copies of your DVD are only $7.50!

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We create themed digital photo albums using your selected photos and slides. These photo albums are slide show presentations of your most memorable pictures. Each picture will remain on screen for 3-5 seconds and you can pause at any time on a particular photo. We'll even add the background music of your choice.

Want to make the digital album even more special? Record your grandparents, parents or yourself narrating the photos and we'll overlay your recording to correspond with your photo show.

Digital Photo Package