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If you want your film digitized to a hard drive, we will create a high quality .mp4 file for each of your reels of film.  If going to DVD, multiple reels will be combined onto a single DVD (up to 1200 feet of film).  If you have more than 1200 feet of film, we'll create multiple DVD's with volume names so that you can easily determine which DVD you want to watch. 

DigiSavIt services includes 8mm, Super8 (aka Double8) and 16mm film.  A $30 setup fee covers cleaning & lubricating for up to 50 reels. Film transfer prices are from $0.20 per foot for silent film and $0.60 per foot for sound film.


Reel to Reel Film Package - transfer 8mm film to digital, transfer 16mm film to digital


Video & Film Transfer in Tampa, Transfer 8mm film to digital


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High Definition Film Transfer is now available at DigiSavIt! We digitize super8, regular 8mm and 16mm film as well as sound super 8mm and 16mm film frame-by-frame in full 1080p.

You have the option of having your film produced as .mp4 files on a hard drive or on DVD. This is the highest quality film transfer, and DigiSavIt is the only one in the Tampa Bay area who has this technology!

Your film is as precious to us as it is to you: we will handled it with the utmost of care. It will be cleaned and lubricated prior to the transfer process in order to prevent breakage and to remove decades of accumulated dirt and debris. Old splices are replaced at no additional cost to you. Each frame is captured individually and then reassembled by our software to give you the best playback possible.